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About Us

We are a transformational Experience that cultivates the growth of dancers by focusing on their craft, mindset and business.

We value seeing your dance career through the lens of who you are becoming as a human being.


No matter where you are in your journey, it is our promise to you that you will leave a better dancer and person. We can assure you that you will gain the knowledge, confidence, clarity and inspiration that will set you up for years to come.

How We're Different

Comprehensive Curriculum

All IDE classes and seminars are specifically tailored to cater to the ever- evolving entertainment industry.  We guarantee fresh material every month!

Capped Class Sizes

We want our members to get the most of the experience, so we put a cap on attendance to ensure everyone gets the personalized feedback they came for.

Faculty of Industry Professionals

The IDE family is made up of South Florida's leading industry professionals who will rotate between their various specialties monthly. See them all here!

Specialized Seminars

Beyond dance, our specialized seminars will help you decide where you want to go in your career and provide key insight to light the path that will get you there.

Community Support

Navigating the industry long-term can be very confusing. Luckily, we aren't the "good luck out there" kind. We'll be here for you throughout your entire journey.

Our Location

We are currently based in Focal Point Dance Studios.

12360 SW 127th Ave

Miami, FL 33186


Tel: 305-322-6324

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Founder's Note

Teaching and helping others fulfill their dreams has become my life’s purpose. Grooming entertainers to reach their peak potential is a process I take the utmost joy in, and thus the Immersion Dance Experience was created! Our culture is focused on supporting and nurturing our members to unleash their greatest potential. Be ready when opportunity knocks, and as always, thank you for dancing! 

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