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9 Pros and Cons of Being on a Pro Sports Dance Team

(From a former pro sports dancer and coach, Casey Rosenberg)

As you begin the year and you’re thinking about your goals, auditioning for a pro sports dance team may or may not be on your radar...

Auditions for various teams will come up before you know it, so I can’t stress enough that the time to start preparing was yesterday, or at the very least, NOW. That said, when we’re unclear about whether or not a goal is worth working towards, our WHY isn’t strong enough to get us up and moving.

If you are on the fence about whether dancing in pro sports is your next step, here are nine pros and cons that will help you decide if it is the right path for you.


  • Relatively consistent/predictable income compared to other jobs in the dance industry

  • You’ll improve a lot as a dancer because you are getting paid to train under different choreographers consistently

  • Great networking potential for both dance and corporate job opportunities

  • You’ll become a BOSS at time management

  • You’ll develop a sense of community by participating in promotional events and bonding with teammates

  • You’ll have opportunities to improve your communication and interpersonal skills

  • You get to perform for thousands of people all of the time, which is pretty fun

  • Some teams are progressive and are investing more in the growth and development of their dancers, so do your research!

  • Great preparation for touring as you improve the skills to perform in an arena environment


  • The schedule can be demanding, especially if you have another job or are in school

  • This is a corporate job (even though you’re dancing) so you’ll have to be committed - which might force you to say no to some other opportunities

  • You are subject to the branding and vision of the organization/team you work for, which may mean you can’t be as individualistic as you may like to be sometimes

  • If you aren’t a people person, you may struggle with fan engagement (a key component of the job)

  • A lot of teams have been rebranding/changing direction since the “Me Too Movement,” which can create some instability and changes as brands find their way

  • Little to no control over what gets posted of you (ie. that photo on the team Instagram that makes you cringe)

  • If you don’t like sports, you’ll have to find ways to start liking it, or it’s going to be a long season for you

  • The competition can be fierce to make the team, and sometimes even after you make the team

  • Your rookie season will probably feel overwhelming because of the overload of information, choreography, constructive criticism, etc… But once you’re acclimated this subsides a lot!

If you read through this saying, ”YES. Pro Sports is my calling,” then it’s time to get to work! Join our VIP Intensive with IDE’s Owner and Founder, Casey Rosenberg, as she coaches just six people towards making their dream pro sports dance team. Casey has helped countless dancers make the team, so don’t waste another minute, and walk into your pro sports audition as the most prepared in the room.

And as always, thank you for dancing!

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