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Mini Virtual Movement Therapy Seminar

Just like pro athletes, pro dancers require specifically designed physical therapy. We've partnered with USA Sports Therapy to bring you a mini seminar packed with dancer specific physical therapy education that will help you move better and smarter...and we don't just mean physically!


What's in the digital file?



  • Intro to Movement Therapy
  • Pain Management Tips
  • How to save $ on physical therapy
  • Alex’s Top 3 Warm Up Movements
  • Foam Roller Tips & Tricks

Mini Virtual Movement Therapy Seminar

$15.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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    • The customer is limited to 15 seconds per video should the customer choose to share (for the sake of promotion) the educational content on social media platforms. Any share on social media must publicly acknowledge Immersion Dance Experience as the creator of said content with the proper tag and verbiage. (@immersiondanceexperience)
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    • Any educational content purchased from the Immersion Dance Experience website is non refundable. 
    • Failure to meet these terms will result in legal action on behalf of Immersion Dance Experience (a program run under Casey Rosenberg Choreography and Consulting, LLC). 
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