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Are you rejecting… yourself? 🤔

Have you ever found yourself not submitting for a casting or going to an audition because you don’t think you’d get it anyway? Have you canceled on a date last minute with someone you were initially pretty interested in? Have you taken a video from a dance class, only to talk yourself out of posting it because of your inner critic? Or maybe you go do the thing, but you show up and perform as though you’ve already decided you’re not enough…

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be guilty of rejecting yourself, friend.

Humans are intrinsically motivated by physical and emotional survival. Getting the inevitable no’s, being let down by people we trust or getting harsh criticism can leave us with bruised confidence. The sting of rejection can linger long after the root cause occurs.

This emotional survival mechanism is normal and even common… but it’s important to recognize when you begin to cope by rejecting yourself before others can do it for you. Sure, you may beat them to it, but you ultimately create a self fulfilling prophecy of rejection; all motivated by the subconscious drive of self-preservation.

If you just had a light bulb go off about all the opportunities you may have missed out on because of your mind blocking the doorway to abundance, don’t sweat it. Most of us do this and it’s important to practice compassion with yourself here. Now, how do you fix it?

Step one is awareness, which is the biggest step of all. Step two is challenging the thoughts that are shaping these false, confidence robbing beliefs. Step three is doing the damn thing and changing the behavior (ie. SUBMITTING FOR THAT GIG)!

We can help you rebuild and cultivate confidence so that you feel ready to charge towards your goals.

In addition to our transformational Experience, we also offer 1:1 Coaching Programs (virtual/in person) with our Owner and Founder, Casey Rosenberg.

Book your free 15 minute consult call with us today, and we’ll help you determine what path is the best fit for you!


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