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Casey Rosenberg (Owner and Founder of Immersion Dance Experience)


As I wrapped up my time as a Miami HEAT Dancer, inching closer to graduating from the University of Miami, I remember countless people asking what my dream career goals were. I would always respond that my dreams consisted of being financially stable in the arts and entertainment, and how these incompatible elements were essentially unachievable. I had waved the white flag and taken a full time job at a hospital. I would have never believed the way my life would unfold.

In 2018 I was working out of a tiny dusty filing room for an apparel brand, staring at a white wall, putting in well over 40 hours per week. I was making 45K a year, I had no sick time, very little me time and felt completely drained. The highlight of my work day was walking next door to the Valero gas station on my break. I would side hustle in dance and entertainment purely to keep my sanity alive. I was so fed up that I gave myself a deadline for making a change. It was decided that if I couldn’t start finding some direction by my 25th birthday (2/22), I was going to move to Rome and teach English abroad (true story). Well, as fate would have it, I received a phone call on my 25th birthday that changed the entire trajectory of my life. After four lengthy interviews, I received what at the time, was my dream job offer: A Pro Sports Dance Team Coach. Getting that phone call was the equivalent of someone yelling, “Clear!” and shocking my inner belief back to life. I still get choked up when I think back to that moment when I received the best birthday gift the universe could have ever given me: Hope. That door opening gave me the evidence I needed to start seeing myself differently. Although, if I am being honest, there were bits and pieces of evidence all along the way. My fear and inner critic just kept me from seeing and believing it. By summer of 2018, I quit my full-time job and bought my first home all on my own. By January 2019, I started my company and my identity had completely shifted to a creative-preneur in Dance and Entertainment. Just one year from when I was working in that dusty file room, I was making six figures, doing what I love on a schedule of my choosing.

I had opportunities such as creating major programs for Bacardi, dancing in the Super Bowl, touring and choreographing for international artists, as well as coaching hundreds of dancers.

What I thought was my purpose then, was all really just leading me to my true life assignment: Helping others to create their own dream life.

The Immersion Dance Experience takes decades of experience from our faculty in dancing training, creative development, reprogramming the mind, business and branding so you can collapse time. Everything in this program teaches you what you need to begin making a real living in your passion and feel confident doing it!

Your life can transform in a year. In fact, it can transform in just one moment.

Don't let that moment pass you by and join one of our Experiences today.

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